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Molly Magee Marketing is a Canadian company with distribution and sales rights granted by Ideal Shield.

Ideal Shield is a U.S. based company from Detroit Michigan just across the boarder from Windsor, Ontario.

Ideal manufactures products that are ISO 9001 Certified as the strongest protection products available.

We treat every order placed with us as top priority and have the record to prove it.

Door to door order and shipment tracking daily from the time we receive the order to the time it is signed for at its destination.

You chose the method of shipping.

Ideals products range from Hand Rail Systems , Guardrail Systems , Bollard cover & Bollard sleeves ,Bumper Post Sleeves ,Goal Post Door Guards ,Sign Systems ,Safety Wall Systems , Shopping Cart Corrals , Bike Racks ,Butt Catchers, Planters , Lighted Bollards , Cart Guide Posts with more to come like EV Charging Station.

Check out their mission statement on their web site

Send Molly Magee a catalogue request for one and we will send you one via mail.Or just call us at (902)683-2086 or email

Molly Magee is a full line centrally located National Master Distributor for Benefect products with a centrally located distribution center in Aurora, Ontario.

We carry a large inventory at this facility and have a 24 hour turn around time.

Freight rate quotes and a purchase order tracking system are a must in any industry and we have them.

Naturally we have a drop ship program.

New cleaning and disinfecting products are added on a regular basis.

Our prices are in Canadian dollars, no exchange rates.

Look for our timely specials.

Margaret and Roger

Benefect National Accounts Manager:

Mark Robertson

Toll Free: 1(800)909-2813 x 112

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Click here for MSDS for all products.

Molly Magee